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Hey everybody,
So i am transiting out of foster care in 26 more days. I am very excited but in a way i am very scared due to that fact i dont know what to do since everything was taken care of for the last 8-9 years. Then Yeah that is really about it. I dont think i have all the skills i need to be successful at this point of time. I think Independent Living failed for me in some departments like getting medical insurance, telling me what to do in case of an emergency since i probably after a while. cause i am getting old and want to experience things on my own but i am not ready. Why cant the system extend your say until you exit college or something have a good job. I think i have a feeling i am going to struggle and i dont want to struggle. I struggled for almost all of my life, and i dont want to anymore. I want to be successful but i dont have a chance i grew up to early like most youth they have time and in my life i didn't have time to bee a kid. it from being a youngster to being an adult and caring on my own. But i have to make the best of everything wish me luck and pray for me

Dec 7, 2009 By Isaiah


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jose_ortiz0324 said:

Hey Isaiah, I just want to say that I myself was in foster care basically my whole life. You are NOT alone in this world. Being on your own can seem a bit scary and overwhelming. But, like you said you have to make the best of everything. I know I am years late responding to this post but I would rather be late than never to tell you that everything will be ok. Pray pray and pray. I hope everything is going well. I will say a prayer for you. Take care and God Bless.