I Am Going to Miss My Family!

Hey again, I am so greatful for this opportunity and experance of being an All-Star. I am sad that everyone will be leaving on the 21st it seems like this summer went by so fast. I will miss everyone so much. I feel like I have learned things about myself that I would of never of learned if it were not for this experience. I love being here and feeling like I have a family again.

I miss my bio family but its hard when they still dont want anything to do with you even four five years later. I feel like I have a twin brother named tobi that can finish my sentences and knows my every thought. I feel like I have an older sister named kita who watches out for me and would not let anyone pic a fight with me.

I feel like I have a brother that I can go to if I ever needed anything and makes sure I am okay named IZZIE, I feel like I have a brother that I can go out and have fun with named Luis, I feel like I have that sister your always really close to and cant stand be away for a secound named Tasha, I feel like I have a younger sister that can come to me if she ever needed anything and I would do anything for her named Heather, I have that one sister thats aways willing to speak her mind named Erin, I have that older sister thats aways willing to give advice but it aways willing to go out and have fun named mariah.

That brother who makes me laugh so hard I can breath named Deiuh, I have that brother that I can go out for coffee anytime and relax with and can talk to him about anything named Jer Jer, I have an amazing sister that just cares about everyone and has the kindest heart I have ever known named Greta, This is now my family I will always have them in my heart everyone has a diff personality and I will miss them terably and will be visiting them every chance I get. Ohh will I miss living with 11 other people in a small duplex with one fridge for all of us bunk beds that are way uncomfertable and the awsomeness of always having someone to talk to.