God gave me cookies today

On Tuesday of this week I listened to a podcast of my youth pastor back home giving a message called "I am a Christian". It was a powerful message that really moved me, it moved my mind and my heart.

I began to think about moving out here to Oregon, all the changes I have gone through. How I was adapting to the transition & how I want to live my life now that I have graduated from "young" adult to full blown adult. I'm not waiting on tables anymore, I work in an office. If I make a mistake it is going to be costing this non-profit money that it really doesn't have. I have more responsibility, my work is meaningful. My decisions effect myself & all those around me with its ripples.

So one of the areas I have been working on a lot is my spirituality. I start each day with a couple of chapters from the bible, each night I write a little note to God before I go to sleep, I take walks on the beach each day to watch the sun set. I to myself to figure out where I am in life, where I want to go, how I am going to get there, where I want to end up.

Normally I try to pray over my food at each meal, it has just been a personal thing for a while now. Sometimes I am good at it and some times I am not. But in the book of Matthew it talks about how Jesus feeds thousands of people with a couple loafs of bread & a few small fish so I figured that it cant possibly hurt to do it myself. Well today at lunch before I ate my subway sandwich I prayed over my food & when I was done a lady was looking at me with a smile. I didn't think much of it & just before she left (she waited for me to take a huge bite of my sandwich) then she walked pass the table & left me this note with some cookies:

"Thank you for your sweet example! Have a great day! May the Lord bless you in all you do!" ~Tracy

God is good & I am proud to call myself a Christian.

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