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"Wow o wow o wow", was Steve Jobs reported last words before his passing. As we all might know, Steve Jobs, was a world renowned innovator when it came to thinking about different ways to design technology to improve the standard of living of people lives across the world. The reason I mention this is because I believe FosterClub shares similarities to Apple Inc., and Celeste Bodner, our CEO, reminds me of Steve Jobs. During the past two months of my internship here at FosterClub, I have witnessed staff take some big leaps to improve the child welfare system for foster youth just like Steve Jobs had done to create innovative technology for the world. One of the saying Celeste has always said is that FosterClub takes "risks" even when other people have said it can not be done even if it is necessary to improve the current state of a situation. For example, the FosterClub internship was a "risk" for me and for the Celeste when she first begun it just like it was for Steve Jobs so many years ago when he dropped out of college to built a computer company with a few of his college buddies. To be innovative a person has to take a "risk" because that is what make it innovative and risky because no one has tried it and no one knows where it will lead. So fortunately for me FosterClub was a success just like for so many others at Apple Inc. What both of these successful CEOs have taught me is to take a little "risk", if I am passionate and believe in something. This is so powerful I will carry the idea and message over to my life back in East Lansing, Michigan. I call the risk that FosterClub takes "The FosterClub Difference" because it is a change from what other child welfare agencies provide for youth. The FosterClub internship provides youth with advocacy experience which empowers them to do more for their community and allows them to have an impact on other youth lives. Justin 2014 Michigan's FosterClub All-Star​
Jul 11, 2014 By jstnmclewee1