The FosterClub Curse

So here's the deal, FosterClub is an awesome organization, we all know this. Celeste is probably the coolest boss ever! But there seems to be a problem with whether coming or going you're going to have problems with your car.

Nicole tried to leave & her transmission (I think that's what it was) had broke. Totally threw a wrench into her plans but she's strong so she bounced back.

Aaron was lucky enough to drive all the way from Nebraska before his transmission broke (on the way to his other job).

Lupe was going to drive here from Arizona but upon getting her oil changed & her car looked at before the trip. And the nice people told her that her car wouldn't make it. Bummer!

I was going to drive out here to Oregon but my transmission broke about a month before I got here.

I seriously dont know what is going on here but this is NOT a coincidence. God is trying to tell us something here, I just dont know what it is! It makes me upset that my car had to break because I had MY plan on how I was going to get here & I was going to bring all my stuff. Then there was a brief thought creeped into my head; you can't get a fresh start with all of your baggage...

I am not sure at what point in your life you all were at while trying to get out here but I was/am looking for a fresh start. I wanted to begin a new book in my life. I'm done with all the chapters to my old book & this is my full blown transition into adulthood. No longer am I a young adult, I dont have grandma & grandpa to bail me out of my tough situations. I'm not trying to say that I do not have a support system or anything (I arguably have a better one) but this is the time in my life where I am doing a lot of soul searching & finding my place in this crazy world.

I'm getting off track. So I guess the point of our interesting situations is this; sometimes, and I would dare to say most times, things don't always go as WE might have planned it. But thank God for that, because if I had the perfect little family & the white picket fence to live in I would've never made it to Oregon at all. To work for one of the most cutting edge awesome non-profits in this country. Plus I think I have the best boss in the world.

Consider yourself warned! If you plan on trying to move out here to work for FosterClub, or if you plan on leaving be prepared to leave your car as well! lol.

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