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So today, Oregon CASA's all over the state came together for a day event where they requested six All-Stars to speak. We told our stories, and I feel like this was the best event I have gone too, in terms of creating a path of reform and change. Change is good, change is for the better. I have to tell myself this everyday, because my past being as it is, change is something that happened every day. I hated it, but in reality, it's a good thing. These CASA's and CASA directors were so intent on listening to our stories and inquiring on how they could make this program better for the youth. They wanted to learn from our past experiences. They asked questions and listened, and made us feel welcome. They were amazing. Going to this event today makes me want to call Kerry, my CASA when I was 13. She is like my best friend. In fact, I think I'm gonna go call her now. I miss her... peace.

Jul 24, 2008 By Katie