Everything Happens For A Reason...

Have you ever asked yourself WHY ME??? I know I have many times, both for good and bad things. But I want to challenge you to ask yourself WHY NOT ME??? What makes you so unqualified to handle what life throws at you? Granted no one knows it all, what I am trying to say is what is stopping you from growing, learning; from becoming all that you were meant to be?

I hope its not because you were in foster care, or just got a GED or you may not even have that. You should know that the very fact that you woke up this morning gives purpose to your life. I mean if there were no reason for you to be here you would not have waken up...right??? Whatever that purpose is may not be known yet, but that alone should be enough for you to find value in yourself.

Sometimes, people or our environments tell us we are not worth anything. I know I thought for a while that I did not have much value, because my mother or father didn't find much value in me; most of my family for that matter! So how do you find value in yourself, when no one else has shown you what that looks like?? If everything happens for a reason maybe those people and environments were there to show you that is not the way to have value for yourself.

I remember one girl told me there was no love in the world for her. Of course I told her it was. There are 2 different types. The love that comes from within, and the love that comes from others. The messed up part for most of us foster youth is that the love from others, usually doesn't exist, and if it does it most times comes from a girlfriend or boyfriend, which may or may not be permanent.

So...How do you keep going when no one cares about you but you??? I'm no doctor or anything. But what I can tell you is that being able to love yourself, and give love is a place to start. When you get up, and begin to do stuff, like volunteering, helping the elderly, or becoming involved in a youth board, or the Foster Care cause (fosterclub.com). You also begin to find more value in yourself, you grow, you learn new skills, meet new people, and make new connections, maybe even to people that you love and love you in return.

I can honestly say being an All-Star has given more value to my life, and I have made lifetime connections to people. I learned new skills, and I now have a colossal family. A family that I know will grow as the all-star program continues. If you have never thought of becoming an allstar, there isn't enough words I can give to you that would properly convey to you the unexplained benefit it will bring to your life.. In others words, be an allstar, foster youth across this country need you!!

TTYL~ Nay Nay