The End of 2009 Lessons

The end of 2009 was very tumultuous
Lots of transitions, reflections, and lessons
I can name some of them; aging out of care, school, my car etc.

Nevertheless, I learned some things:

Life is not certain -- not the events, not your health, not even life itself. Life is temporary and you have to be good to you body so that it is good to you in the future: we are not all meant to last.. yet we are able to attach ourselves to something or someone and then suffer to see them go. It's human, and our lives are temporary.

Through observation, I have learned that we are all flawed, yet we are pearls with the world at our fingertips : its all how you see yourself, its how you treat others and its how you try to help yourself to achieve your own full potential: take time to be alone and cultivate good trustworthy self sacrificing people.

I learned this year that you can't of course trust everybody, there are some people who will screw you over in an instant because thy only think and care about themselves.

I learned that there is a lot of resources and tools out there that are waiting to be discovered and you can always make your life better through simple things.

Last but not leas,t take opportunities and try to see the best in things.