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Well today is my 40th day here in Seaside Oregon. Wow, I dont know how this happens, my mind tends to observe time differently depending on the situation. Before I left time was speeding so rapidly & now that I'm here & its been a minute it seems like a flash. The days are long with short bursts of leisure in between them but somehow time is going fast & slow at the same time. I really dont understand it but I dont need to, I just try to stay in the moment & own it.

Man when I first got here I was a train wreck because there was so much to adjust to. New job, no friends, new roommate, new income, new lifestyle, old temptations, new routines, better routines, no family around. Now I look at myself & I am beginning to adjust quite well (I'd like to think so) I have a new roommate who happens to be a girl this should be interesting! lol I'm reading & writing a lot. Working on my book & getting into the personal development that I have wanted to do for so long.

I came here without knowing a clue to what I was truly going to be doing, the first two days I cleaned & organized the office. We were building shelves & throwing a lot of old stuff out, I was working on setting up my very first desk, in my very first office. This was sweet, this is sweet. My house is taking shape, I have a bed & a place to put my clothes I brought with me. I am sending for more of my boxes back home, my fridge has food in it lol. I feel like an Oregonian more & more each day. This growth has some tension to it... It feels like I am replacing my stuff from back home but really I'm just growing into the position/place I am living right now, its kinda weird.

As far as the job goes, I got my official title the other day 'Programs Coordinator' just official enough to sound like I do a lot but just generic enough to not label me with anything because I do a little bit of everything. I've learned pretty much all there is to know about our website. I am working on tweaking the details to make it appealing to Celeste. I am working on all of our social networks; Facebook, twitter,, mtvthink, myspace, and a few more. I answer all the phones in the office, going on conference calls, to conferences & now I'm traveling to Connecticut to train their regional board to set up their own mini website within our website

I am going to a new church on Sunday that looks/sounds so promising & I am really excited for it. God has been working so strongly through me & I feel his love all around me with my coworkers & all the people here in my support system. Its so very difficult to put this experience into words because its still so surreal. To walk down to the beach & watch the sunset after a long day behind the keyboard just trying to press the right buttons & click the correct boxes to make this organization grow in the direction it needs to. It just doesn't make sense just yet.

After this has all been said & done its just crazy. I've signed my contract with FosterClub & with God. I am working for them in the best capacity that I know how, its cray to think that one kid can live a life that I've lived. From starting at the bottom & creating a life that is on the tract to success, a true success story that starts at the bottom & ends at the top. I am not at the bottom & I'm not close to reaching the top. Its such an amazing feeling to be able to be part of something so much larger than myself. I couldn't create an org close to this if I tried my whole life. I couldn't create this good of a life even if I tried every hour of everyday. God is good.


Mar 5, 2009 By JJ