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Lets face it. Everyone has heard the stories on the news of the teenager who commits suicide because of the constant harassment he/she receives from bullying.

Yes it's depressing and terrible, but do people, especially bullies, really take it seriously?

I would like these people to put themselves in the shoes of a victim to cyber-bullying. It's only then that they will understand the emotional toll simple words can affect one's self and lead to destructive behaviors and mental problems. I wonder if they could imagine going to school/work everyday just to avoid being seen or heard because of a constant threat, isolating themselves from others thus not having the opportunity to develop good social skills or create healthy relationships, but the feelings of insecurity and vulnerability does not stop there.

Look around people, technology is taking over the world. Now-a-days, it would be surprising to know someone that does not have a computer or smart phone. I want these people to picture not only having to deal with the emotional stress everyday in a school environment/work place, but also when they turn on their computers or phones and having to face the same problems. So now, not only are they in constant emotional disarray during business/school hours, but 24 hours a day, everyday.

Preventing them from forming strong self esteem, confidence and social independence. All of these skills are necessary to acquire a job position or create strong relationships with others. Instead they are led down a destructive path of anger, hate and isolation. These feelings growing stronger and stronger everyday until finally the mental damage is enough to pick up a firearm and end it all whether it being just one’s life or many lives. Ultimately, this is what bullying can eventually lead to. Is that serious enough for people to understand? More importantly, is that serious enough for people to want to take action? Everyone, even if you are not a victim, can join the cause to put an end to all bullying.

The most important action one can take is to just spread the message. I believe that parents are a big chunk of this puzzle. If they can sit down with their children and have a long conversation with them about bullying and what it can do to others while they are still young, before they even have a chance to grow up and become bullies, the results would be phenomenal. Recently I’ve discovered a film called “Bully” that documents and records a real story of a victim to bullying. Slowly, the film is being required to be seen in schools all over the country. Parents, if you don’t know how to talk to your kids about bullying, I highly recommend just watching this movie with your children and then talk about the movie afterward.

Ask your kids questions such as how they felt about the movie and if they agreed with it or not.

Together we can finally put a stop to ALL bullying.

Aug 3, 2014 By Emily Tao