A Cry For Help

I went to listen to a problem

But I had no ears.

I went to give advice

But I had no voice.

I went to eat lunch,

But I had no mouth.

I went to smell the roses,

But I had no nose.

I went to give a hug,

But I had no arms.

I went to love,

But I had no heart.

I went to feel sad,

But I had no feelings.

I went to cry,

But had no tears.

I went to testify,

But I had no one to listen to me.

But when I went to repent,

God was there.

He knew all the problems I wanted to help with.

He knew what I wanted to tell other people, so I didn't need to say anything.

He was my appetite, so I didn't need one.

He let me know that I was a rose, so I did not need to smell one.

I could not hug anyone, because I was already in His arms.

I wanted to love, but my selfishness didn't want me to.

I could not cry because I was too blessed.

But when I repented, these things became obvious.

God loves me.