Transition (aging out)

Changes and Aging Out

CHANGES ARE Funky sometimes uncertain, and the days have crowded with newfound tasks as well as responsibilities to undertake and effectively assume those new responsibilities safely and surely. I am turning age 23 in two months. 23 is pretty up there.. i am getting further to age 22 and farther than age 19 which seems to have been yesterday.. 23 is not only an age but it is a let-go. The system is letting go of me and i feel like once again i am going to be thrust into the new world and told "fly on your own", FLY.. I will enter the world of independence where my decisions have a more solid impact on my life, and where i must save, where i must change.. I must shed my view and assume one of more caution of money, of time spent, of responsibility and of thought. I must strive for maturity and i must pursue my goals and more important i should perfect them... and make up my mind.. there is no more time left for silly indecisiveness and wastefulness. There is no more time i feel to be unsure of myself,, and this is the time to strengthen my ideas, my pockets, my hair, and grasp my world and take control of it, because no one else can .. now more than ever i feel like i will be forced to fly on my own and it is funky .. at first it was scary but i've got my supports and taken each step day by day. You can say i'm more scattered than before but its just me dealing with all of these tasks and newfound responsibilities cuz i want to fly.. not drop .. i will make an entrance to the world, right now i'm just on a windy road before the time is up

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