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Bio Family Help...Coming to a Book Store Near YOU!

Well, I am really excited about one of FosterClub's newest projects! It is a guide book that is focused on helping young people in foster care relate to their bio families safely. So, for all the the youth who have ever been to a Bio-Hazard workshop (particularly if it was facilitated by Chris and myself), you have already gotten a preview of just how exciting this guide book is going to be. We focus on all different kinds of safety (Mental, physical, emotional, financial,etc) and there is a ton of other content that I am convinced will help not only young people in care who are looking to establish or reconnect with their bio families, but also people of all ages who has ever wanted to have safe and productive relationships with members of their family!

The excitement that I have for this specific publication (besides the fact that I am helping to produce it) stems from the fact that I am in the early (extremely early) process of forging new relationships with my own bio family and maintaining relationships with my foster family. (Well, I just consider them all to be apart of my huge family anyway). So it is extremely important for me to incorporate some of the same tips and suggestions that is given in the workshops into my own life. (And trust me on this, it makes a significant difference in how you interact with your family).

I can gladly say that on a recent trip back home for a funeral in my family, I was able to support my family without feeling out of place, distant, awkward, and non-belonging simply because I used Bio-Hazard material to structure how I spent time and interacted with my family. It mean't a lot to me to be able to be at the same table with my family and laugh, chat, and even withstand some negative comments without feeling sad or down at all. Yes, I counted it as a blessing. So I know that if this material can change the way that I connect with my family, I am certain that there are others just like me who will be able to benefit from this upcoming publication.

Stay tuned...Help in on the way.

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