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Today is the start of the "I am" Arkansas teen conference.

I am really juiced to have many youth participating and helping this confernece go how they want to. This is truly a youth agenda teen conference. YOUTH ENGAGEMENT! We shall see how it goes. Yesterday we had the opportunity to sit down and meet the YABers and everything they do for the youth board, we heard presentations and might I say they have some great presentations to give to youth. KNOWLEDGE by your fellow peers are always appreciated.

We've been throuogh the system, we know how it is, please listen to us. We also had the opportunity to do a "mock" transtion panel for the YABBERS! It was so much fun. On this panel was Chris, myself, and the shine 09'ers! The day ended pretty late for us! During all these fun activites, I had the opportunity to meet Tasha and Tobias, a product of Shine '09... more like quiet 09... just kidding. Might I say they can be talented when they want to be.

I am looking forward to meeting the rest of Shine '09 in a couple of days but for now, it's game time... 


Aug 14, 2009 By darylecbear