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I am so happy to share with you all one of todays events. Today I emailed the Coordinator of the local youth shelter in my home town. I discussed with her my concern for the youth/young adults at her youth shelter to become more involved in our youth board called Elevate (desire to inspire) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

I shared with her a small portion of who I was, my involvement in my youth board, and how it impacted me when I was in foster care and as an alum today. I also shared the many benefits of youth in the shelter having an outlet, and connecting with the community because often when put in shelters you are given minimal access to the outside world. Her response was fantastic! She told me that she would be willing to work with our youth board in finding ways for the youth/young adults from her shelter to become more involved in Elevate. This makes me very happy because this means more youth get to become involved, be empowered, and share their voice!

That is I want for all current/former foster youth and this is just my way of starting small I guess. I'm excited to return home and see these small changes that will make big differences in the lives of youth take place.

Jul 6, 2010 By senter.nessa