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On this day, 15 years ago I was blessed to be adopted by Germaine and Charlie Brown along with my two older siblings, Roxann and Richard. What really makes this extra special for me is that it is my adopted father's birthday. The weird thing is that I hate using the word adopted before saying dad or mom. In my eyes they are my one and only parents. I have the two people that created me but they are not and never will be my parents! My mom and my dad are the ones that have raised me, loved me, and cared for me for the past 15 years. I am thankful for all that they do and all they have done for me and most important for adopting my brother, my sister and me. I miss them all so much and keep telling myself I will see them very soon. That thought helps me get through everyday this summer! So with that, Happy Birthday DAD and Happy Adoption Anniversery Roxann, Ricky, and Marcus!

Jul 17, 2010 By brownm