Watch Greta's Congressional Testimony

On September 15th, U.S. Congressional Representatives met to review the Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoption Act of 2008.

They wanted to hear from the perspective of a smart and successful young person from foster care. 2009 FosterClub All-Star Greta Anderson answered the call and impressed everyone in attendance. Anderson, age 21, is a former foster youth of Wisconsin and currently attends the University of Wisconsin-Stout in pursuit of a master’s degree in art therapy. She spoke about the impact the Act and other legislation has had on her financial aid to continue her educational goals.

“Access to funding and services make it possible for me to concentrate on my studies and not be faced with choosing to drop out to support myself with a minimum wage jobs,” stated Anderson during her testimony. “Doors have opened because now I am eligible for many more potential grant and loan prospects.”

Greta's testimony was broadcast via a live web feed from Congress.

Below is the 1st part of Greta's testimony in which she answers questions from members Congress.

Read the press release online or Watch the 2nd half of Greta's Testimony

Watch Greta do an amazing job answering follow-ups questions

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