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On October 1st, the National Foster Care Youth & Alumni Policy Council released a new statement: "A Historic Opportunity to Reform the Child Welfare System: Youth & Alumni Priorities on Preventing Unnecessary Removal of Children from their Families" with 5 priorities, echoing recommendations from the Council's 2017 Prevention Priority and highlighting new opportunities presented by Family First and moving towards a 21st Century Child Welfare System. 

Priority 1: Substance misuse and mental health crises are tearing our families apart — treat them with the urgency and resources that they require.

Priority 2: Connect our families to services, even after we have been reunified with our family.

Priority 3: Don’t use our removal as a way to punish our parent(s).

Priority 4: Explore the multitude of reasons why youth are “aging out” of adoptions and look at how it can be prevented.

Priority 5: Engage with us during the investigation and when developing prevention services for my family.

This will be the first of a series of recommendations under "A Historic Opportunity to Reform the Child Welfare System: Youth & Alumni Priorities." Upcoming recommendations include the topics of Supporting Successful Older Youth Transitions to Adulthood, Quality Residential Care, and Special Populations. 


    PDF icon Prevention_2019 Council Workgroup Statement_Final 9.28.19.pdf  


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Historic opportunity for reform in child welfare. They are showing you how much you are heaving good website link. If they just not have it then they never stop helping kids. Hope you can easily avail these opportunities for you.