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Please help get cosponsors for the "Fostering Success in Education Act"... call your Senator today!

The Fostering Success in Education Act (S. 2801), introduced by US Senators Patty Murray and Al Franken, establishes a new education program to ensure that all children and youth in foster care have school stability, immediate school access, and support for academic success. It encourages the education system and child welfare agencies to work together to cover the cost of transportation to enable foster youth to continue in their school of origin when it is in their best interest.

Read about how FosterClub member Kayla VanDyke, an 18 year old from Eagan, MN, testified to Congress about how foster care and homelessness impacts a young person's education:

Take 2 minutes to make a difference:

1. Find your state Senator

2. Check to see if your Senator has already signed on to co-sponsor. (If they already have, you can still write a thank you to them!)

3. Call your Senator and say: "Hello, my name is ____________. I would like you to cosponsor the Fostering Success in Education Act. As a young person from the state of ________, it is important to me that homeless and foster care youth have the support the need to succeed in school." (Most likely you will talk to the Senator's aid, not the Senator themselves.)

Apr 30, 2010 By Celeste