Ice T


Ice-T, whose given name is Tracy Morrow, was born February 16, 1968 in Newark, New Jersey. He was an only child and when he was very young, his parents were tragically killed in an auto accident. After this event, he learned how to take care of himself and how to survive hard times. With no family able to care for him in New Jersey, Ice T went to live with relatives 4,000 miles away in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, these relatives were not ready to care for a family member. To them little Tracey - Ice T- was a burden, a feeling they did not hide from him.

Ice-T’s foster home was in the very rough South Central Los Angeles. He lived in ghetto surroundings and witnessed, sometimes participated in violence and gangster activities. Ice-T was a member of a Los Angeles gang which, as it did for other members of gangs, provided the kind of love and ties that other kids find within their family. Ice-T once commented, “I first found the word love in a gang, I learned to love in a gang, not in a family atmosphere.”

Through these experiences in his youth, Ice-T began to be obsessed with rapping while he was in high school. He is looked on as the first Los Angeles hip-hop superstar and many consider him one of the founding fathers of gangsta rap. His performances reflect the violent experience of the L.A. streets. His rhymes portray ghetto life and his words convey incisive commentary on the accompanying social injustices.

But it isn’t just what Ice-T raps about that has gained respect for the rapper, it’s how he raps. His words are clever and biting, expressive and intelligent. He has garnered heaps of criticism and controversy for his sexism and violence, and he has become widely respected and admired for his charismatic rhymes.

Ice-T has branched out to launch his own record label, to release groundbreaking rap albums, and to tour with his band. He has become an increasingly visible public figure, speaking out about censorship in the media and on college campuses. He has written a book (The Ice Opinion, St martin’s Press), and has lectured in prisons, high schools and colleges as a spokesman for American youth.

Ice –T is also an accomplished movie Actor. He has appeared in numerous independent and documentary films as well as full length movies.

Ice-T lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Darlene, and his daughter Letesha and son Tracy Morrow, Jr.

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