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Seaside Signal, June 11, 2009, Seaside, OR -- Seaside Heights Elementary School students Caden Carr, Emma Dutcher, and Lucy Bodner collected 849 books recently for FosterClub to distribute to children in foster care. Pictured with them is Principal Dan Gaffney. Student Lauren Brooks also helped with the book collection and is not pictured. Photo by Daniel J. Knapp Original Article, Seaside Signal, retrieved on June 11, 2009
Jun 11, 2009 By FC Steve


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FC Steve (not verified) said:

That's cool you're doing a book drive too! They collected books from students houses that they weren't using any more, so I think most of them were used.

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Anonymous (not verified) said:

Wow, I'm doing a book drive too, did you collect used or new book?

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FC Steve (not verified) said:

JGriggs is right. The fact that you were able to get 849 books from a school with less than half that many students is absolutely amazing! Great job!

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JGriggs (not verified) said:

Great Job! On behalf of my brothers and sisters in care, THANK YOU!!!