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The National Association of State Foster Care Managers was interested in coming up with a new logo and wanted the logo to come from the experts - someone in foster care. So, FosterClub organized a contest in order to find the winner.

We were surprised by the number of great logo designs that youth came up with throughout the country. After alot of deliberation, 16-year-old Kayla, who has been in the Minnesota foster care system off and on for six years, was selected as the winner. Congratulations Kayla!

When asked about her inspiration for her design she said "I chose to make a family using hearts to represent the goal of foster care, which is to provide a loving and safe family for children."

When you look at her drawing on the left, and look at family with multiple layers of hearts, it's clear that the National Association of State Foster Care Managers sure picked a great logo! 

Oct 30, 2008 By FC Steve


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