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Dear Young Leaders,

We would like to invite you to contribute your voice to the FosterClub Happy Holidays campaign. Please send a short quote (aim for 200 characters or less), and an optional photo or video of yourself celebrating a holiday, or not celebrating, Passover, Kwanzaa, Boxing day, Mawlid el-Nabi, Christmas, anything that is meaningful to you. We will post as many as we can on social media,, and save your great ideas for future holidays.  

1 winner will be drawn randomly and receive a $50 Amazon gift card! In addition - if we publish your quote and/or photo on - you’ll receive a $25 gift card!

1. Answer one of the following questions in 200 characters or less:

  • What holiday do you celebrate, and if you don’t, what do you do while others celebrate?

  • How do you serve others during the holidays?

  • Who do you celebrate with?

  • Do you have a favorite activity that you do every holiday season?

2. Optional: Attach a fun photo or video of yourself celebrating the holidays

3. Check the box stating you have read Strategic Sharing  Read Strategic Sharing

4. Give us permission to use your quote, photo or video. Remember strategic sharing. We reserve the right to post all photos and entries on social media, the FosterClub website, and use them in future holiday campaigns.

Email your entry to:

Include: Your full name, email address, phone number

Also provide:

  • State you live in

  • Current age

  • Number of years in foster care

Contest ends 12/24/18

Nov 20, 2018 By shannonsymonds