Team FosterClub's Newest Member, Ashlee Morse

(pictured: Ashley Morse, new member of Team FosterClub)

In order to meet the increasing demand of services, FosterClub is restructuring existing staff roles and adding new members to the team.

Ashley Foster is "migrating" to the position of Training & Events Coordinator. She'll be focused to youth education, conferences, adult training and events, and management of Level 2 All-Stars. Ashley will coordinate the Oregon Teen Conference, other Oregon events (like Jenny's retreat) and will be available to consult the DORs. 

Ashlee Morse will be filling Ashley Foster’s role as a Dedicated Outreach Representative with Team Oregon Connect. Ashlee is currently in the training process and absorbing all NYTD information. Look for Ashlee and Michelle Trott to make a great duo as Oregon Outreach Representatives.

A little background on FosterClub’s newest team member, Ashlee Morse:

Ashlee was born in Fall River California. She was the youngest of six children. At nine years old, Ashlee and her siblings entered the Oregon’s foster care system. At 16 years old, she found permanence while living with her foster mother in the northern Oregon coast. Ashlee points to her relationship with her foster mother as the main reason she was able to find success despite difficult circumstances. Her hobbies include reading, going to movies, snowboarding, going to the beach, and especially playing with her nieces.

In Ashlee’s own words, “Working at FosterClub is important to me. Everyday I come to work and I know my efforts are making growth towards a better future for foster children and former foster children like me.”

With Ashley Foster in her new role as Training & Events Producer, and Ashlee Morse and Michelle Trott taking care of Oregon Connect and NYTD surveys, FosterClub is ready to connect, educate, inspire, and represent youth in the foster care system.

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