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Check out our newest Foster Parent Online Training Course - Family Matters: Supporting Connections to Birth Parents

Foster parents play a vital role in maintaining connections between children and their birth parents. These relationships can be confusing and chaotic for youth and require special care and handling. This isn't always easy; helping a young person maintain or strengthen connections to birth parents can be challenging. Learn how you as a foster parent can help support and guide a young person on their journey to creating or maintaining the extremely critical, healthy connection to their birth parents.

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Our strengths-based content is always available for free - if you need to earn continuing education credits (required for most foster parents), we offer a low-cost annual subscription to over 45 credits, for more information or to subscribe click HERE or email

Oct 31, 2018 By emilyfish


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Duane_McCormick said:

Training courses will be wonderful and marvelous for the Fosterclub members. As a parent, I love to learn new methods of bringing up. And, of course, I'd love to join this Training course. I won't have been tired of studying on many educational platforms.

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FleNicholas replied:

Yes, it is! I love learning something new about the upbringing. I'd read many books about it! What's the educational platform you've mentioned? Does it concerned with school or college? My child has problems with school teachers. He can't take in any knowledge from a person. I don't know what to do.

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Duane_McCormick replied:

Hi! Thanks for the reply. There dozens of online course platforms and services for education. This is a miracle that they exist. Few of them are about the parenting. I enjoyed one course about relationships between parents and children on Also, you could check at about homework writing. This is very helpful for young students. My kid has troubles with an essay writing. This service helps him in any issue. I hope that my advice helps you with your youngest kid :)

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FleNicholas replied:

Thanks for the information, Duane! I think these should help us.

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Sarahe68 said:

I am thankful to be a part of the Foster Care family