Board Member Since: 2019


Head of Technology Risk Engineering & Measurement, Goldman Sachs; Alumnus of foster care


Alexis was born in Cyprus and adopted at an early age. By way of the United Kingdom, he settled down in New York in the mid 1990’s and got involved in social care in the Americas through the Project Happy Foundation, a program for autism in NYC and then through further outreach programs from his place of employment. He currently resides in Hoboken, NJ with his wife and son and works at Goldman Sachs as global head of engineering for the Technology Risk Group. He sits on the board for the US affiliate of the Westminster School foundation. Alexis received both a BS and MS in Computer Science from King’s College, London. The highpoint of his journey was being invited in 2017 to talk to congress about private / public partnerships and how to get the most out of those relationships for all parties.