Navigating foster care

FYI Binder (FYI3) Workshop

Introducing FYI Binder, encourage youth participation in case planning, self advocacy, and navigation of the foster care system. Each participant will receive their own copy of the FYI Binder.

In Transition

Learn the essential assets that a youth should put in place prior to leaving foster care, and get set for your transition to adulthood!

Child Welfare 101

How does foster care work anyways? Untangle the mysteries of the complicated foster care system. Share what you know and learn from others.

Youth Adult Partnerships

This workshop illustrates the benefits, and sometimes challenges of youth-adult partnerships and highlights individual roles in maintaining these important connections.

Permanence & bio-family

Getting Solid

Find what permanence is all about; learn how to get it if you don't already have it.

The Pact

Lifelong supports for success as young adults.

Relatively Speaking

Safely reconnecting and managing relationships with biological families.

The Sibling Connection

Understand the importance of sibling relationships, discover ways to stay connected, and learn ways to strengthen sibling bonds.

Sexuality & relationships


Designed to teach young people how the foster care system works and to problem-solve to overcome obstacles encountered in navigating the system.


Educate foster youth on the complexities of identity and self-expression through this fun and thought-provoking workshop.

Relationship Ninja

Take an inclusive, foster and trauma informed approach to explore sexuality and relationship education (SRE) for young people from foster care.

Role with It!

Explore the different roles we take in romantic and peer relationships through interactive skits and dialogue.

Staying in the Lines

Designed to help youth begin thinking about what their own relationship boundaries look like or should look like, and what they themselves value in peer and romantic relationships.

Boundaries & advocacy

Strategically Sharing Your Story

Reframe foster care experiences as expertise, how to safely tell stories by retaining boundaries, and understanding the purpose for which one might share a personal story.


Digital World

This workshop will look at ethics and safety issues associated with using digital media tools, trends in use, emerging issues related to youth work, and strategic planning to engage youth.

From Foster to Famous

Examine the success stories of several famous people and discover their formulas for success! Young people from foster care learn to tap into their resilience and draw on their dreams.

Get a (Financial) Life!

Explore the twists and turns some foster youth face along the financial path, how to keep from going over the edge of the road, and maybe even finding some additional support and long-lost belongings along the way.

It's Who You Know

Network your way to empoyment opportunities and manage relationships in the workplace.

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