Navigating foster care

FYI Case Planner

An overview of FosterClub's FYI Binder, an invaluable tool for youth to keep track of important documents, contacts, and resources. Concepts presented include youth participation in their case plan, self-advocacy, and navigation of the foster care system.

In Transition

Moving from childhood into adulthood is a big change. Believe it or not, you will need a team to help get you set-up for success. Learn how to lead a team of supportive adults in building a transition plan. Your plan will include focused on the essential assets that you should have in place before leaving foster care.

Journey Through the System

How does the foster care system work? Is every young person’s experience the same? Through an interactive journey and rich discussion participants learn the benefits of self-advocacy, and how to better navigate a complex foster care system so that they are more involved with their individual case plans!

Better Together I: Youth/Adult Partnerships

How should you be involved in decisions about your own case plan? What's your role in designing or improving the programs and services that profoundly impact your life? In this session, we'll define youth-adult partnerships, discover why they’re important, and challenge participants to think outside the box about how youth and adults can work together! Not only does it benefit you, but could help change foster care (and maybe the world!).

Permanence & bio-family

Getting Solid

Find what permanence is all about; learn how to get it if you don't already have it.

The Pact

Lifelong supports for success as young adults.

Family Matters

Dealing with birth family can be confusing and chaotic! These relationships often require special attention. Through role-playing scenarios and rich group discussion, begin to formulate strategies for building safe and healthy relationships with family members.

The Sibling Connection

Why do so many foster youth lose connections with their siblings? Is there anything a young person can do to stay connected? And why is it such a big deal, anyway? Explore the profound significance of sibling relationships, the reasons behind separation and loss, and gain tools and strategies to stay connected, reconnect, or strengthen existing sibling bonds.

Sexuality & relationships

Staying in the Lines

Managing relationships can be tough. Trying to figure out how and what to share with others takes skill and practice. Learn how to create boundaries that feel right for you.

Role with It!

It can be challenging to know what makes a relationship healthy. Identify the kinds of relationships you have, the strengths and weaknesses we bring to relationships, and how to cope with common relationship challenges.

Boundaries & advocacy

Strategically Sharing Your Story

Reframe foster care experiences as expertise, how to safely tell stories by retaining boundaries, and understanding the purpose for which one might share a personal story.

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