Our network is 60,000 (and growing!)

Approximately half a million young people are currently in foster care. Our goal is to ensure each is linked to the information and support they need. We inform young people of their rights, connect them with resources, and link them to a community so they can tap their inner resilience and thrive. 

FosterClub meet-ups

FosterClub Meet-Ups are high-energy, fun events that introduce young people in foster care to their peers and the supportive FosterClub community. Learn how to host or join a Meet-Up in your area!

Health Care Until Age 26

Did you know: if you were in foster care on the day you turned 18, you qualify for FREE healthcare until you turn 26? This can literally save your life.

National Youth in Transition Database

Each state is required to survey young people as they transition from foster care to adulthood. FosterClub provides NYTD services in Oregon and Nevada.

Resource referral 

Looking for resources specifically designed for young people in and from foster care? Check out our resource directory!