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Sibling Bond

Course Summary:

Why do so many foster youth lose connections with their siblings? Is there anything you can do to help them stay connected? And why is it such a big deal, anyway? This course will explore the profound impact of sibling relationships on young people in foster care and provide ideas foster parents can use to reconnect or strengthen a sibling bond.

In this course, you can expect to learn:

  • young people's’ perspective about the impact of sibling separation
  • benefits to placing siblings together
  • strategies and best practice for maintaining sibling bonds
  • how foster parents can support sibling relationships


Take the Course:

Estimated time to complete: 2 hours

A:  Watch the video ReMoved (Part 2) that portrays Zoey’s journey through foster care and the effect the separation from her younger brother has on her experience: 

B:  Explore research, intervention strategies, and resources to assist in preserving connections among siblings by reading Sibling Issues in Foster Care and Adoption, from the Child Welfare Information Gateway (2013): CLICK HERE
C:  Learn how you can help strengthen sibling connections from Fostering Perspectives, a publication dedicated to making foster care and adoption the best that they can be: CLICK HERE
D:  Read this FosterClub Real Story written by Anthony Reeves, who provides valuable youth perspective about why sibling connections are important: CLICK HERE
E:  Continue the conversation on the supportive adult forum, add a comment to course discussion topic question: CLICK HERE

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Course Discussion Question

Imagine a child you have fostered, or any child that you know, ten years from now. How would you expect their relationship with a sibling to look? How will they depend on each other?

  • If the siblings stayed together then I would expect that they would depend on each other for that continually feeling of having someone that cares.

    By 1 day 20 hours ago
  • Working in the child welfare system for 16 years I have seen how trends change. We are much more aware of the importance of keeping siblings together. It saddens me when siblings have to be separated. I would hope that all siblings would be able to have at the very least a relationship if they remain separated. Remember a relationship with your sibling is the longest relationship in life.

    By 2 weeks 10 hours ago
  • I think that at times older siblings try to parent their younger sibling because that's all they have. In this case the older child becomes more responsible and more mature when he/she takes on the parenthood tasks. In my personal opinion this can set them up to a better future because they learn how to take on responsibility.

    By 2 weeks 1 day ago



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