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Psychotropic Medication

Course Summary

Please take Psychotropic Medications prior to this course. In this module, we’ll look further into the use of psychotropic medications in children and youth in foster care, beginning with a landmark investigation by the Bay Area News Group in California. Review of a report from the American Bar Association provides information that can help you become a young person’s best advocate. Throughout this module, you will hear directly from young people about the short- and long-term effects of the psychotropic medications they received while in foster care.


In this course, you can expect to learn:

  1. Causes of overuse of psychotropic medications for children and youth in foster care

  2. About the off-label use of psychotropic medications and the impacts on young people

  3. How to identify various types of psychotropic medications and their intended use

  4. How, as foster parent or caregiver, you can become a child’s best advocate for safe, responsible, supported, and supervised use of medication



Take the Course:

Estimated time to complete: 2 hours

A:  Watch the Bay Area News Group’s Drugging Our Kids, a powerful investigative documentary that led to reform of psychiatric medication use in California. CLICK HERE
B:  Review Psychotropic Medication and Children in Foster Care from the American Bar Association, which provides details about types of psychotropic medications and the role of caregivers and foster parents. Only read pages 1-25. CLICK HERE
C:  Read the ThinkProgress article Sweeping New Legislation In California Limits Psychotropics Among Foster Children, which provides an overview of leading changes in policy and practice concerning psychotropic medications CLICK HERE
D:  Continue the conversation on the supportive adult forum by adding a comment to the discussion topic question. CLICK HERE

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Course Discussion Question

As an advocate for children, what is the foster parent’s role in ensuring that medication is properly used for children in foster care?

  • I think it is important to know what type of medication, when and how much. To understand each side effects and to know all medication should be put out of the reach of children. If the medication is not working proper and you think something is wrong call the caseworker.

    By 2 months 3 weeks ago
  • It saddens me to see that children in foster are more likely to receive prescriptions for high dosages of multiple medications. Sadder is the money that doctors are receiving from pharmaceutical companies to prescribe these medications. I am shocked!

    By 3 months 3 weeks ago
  • I feel it is important to know exactly what the medication is treating and to review the side effects. It should be locked away that only you can access it and make sure child receives their medication on time daily followed by directions. It is important to look for signals if medication is not working properly or if child voices and says something is wrong when taking the medication.

    By 4 months 6 days ago



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