Holidays should be filled with happiness and joy. Unfortunately, for some young people in foster care, this is not the case. The holidays serve as a reminder of the family and friends they are missing while in foster care. Happiness and joy are sometimes replaced by anxiety and frustration.

This page provides information to help young people through the holidays, including the guides below. Feel free to download and share across your foster care network of friends and family.

Holiday Guides:


10 Tips for Getting Through the Holidays These tips provide some great tips the might help improve your holidays season. Download FosterClub's Guide to Getting Through the Holidays 


Download 12 Ideas for Supportive Adults to help a Young Person to get through the Holidays 


Real Stories

Below are stories written by foster youth. They tell the real story of how it is for them over the holiday season. Read to gain perspective of what foster youth are feeling in order to better help them cope through what could be difficult times.

The Holidays: When Things Get Rough

2005 All-Star Lupe Ortiz-Tovar wrote this in her blog, "I don't about you guys out there, but, the holidays make me get this feeling.... I really don't know what it is, but, it is almost like I am missing something." Click to read more...

A Young Alumni's Perspective of the Holidays

This story, written by 2005 All-Star Dan Knapp, talks about how he feels about the holidays. Click to read more...



Group of videos of young people sharing what their holiday memories as foster kids were. More on the FosterClubTV YouTube channel

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im turning sixteen in two

sierrabarron's picture

im turning sixteen in two months, and i'm very blessed. ive been in foster care only two years and i have found home. my foster parents, are my true mom and dad. but, sometimes, i still get the "underdog". but it'll be okay(:


I was a ward of the state

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I was a ward of the state from age 5 till 18. The county was supposed to put me up for adoption at age 5 but waited till i was 12 to ask.. I went to college bc I didn't have anywhere to go. I went to a Bible school thankfully made a lot of friends and was able to spend it with friends family. Not everyone is as blessed as I am.


just being at the group home

qwayand joshua's picture

just being at the group home and them acting like they can fill the spot for family but nothing or no one can replace family at all. exept family


To not have you'r actual

Smillie's picture

To not have you'r actual family for special holidays is uncomforting, but to know that someone out ther cares, and know how you feel, is comforting.