Hello, young people! Below are some great contacts to help answer questions and resolve issues:

FosterClub has a dedicated team of folks to help you find what you need in Texas. Call them at  503-717-1552 or email them here. They can help you find resources to help you transition to adulthood and connect you to leadership opportunities. 

For problems or complaints, contact Texas's Ombudsman, at 1-512-239-4000.

Healthcare for Former Foster Youth (FFY).

Did you know that former foster youth have access to free Medicaid after they turn 18 until their 26th birthday? Qualification for FFY to access Medicaid is not dependant on employment or education status. Check out the #Healthcare FFY campaign for more information about this program!

To apply online, visit here
For application assistance, call the Texas Foster Youth Justice Project at 1-877-313-3688. 


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Texas Tuition Waivers

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This is a state law that exempts or waives payment of tuition and fees at state-supported colleges or universities for foster youth currently or formerly in the care of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) and for those adopted from DFPS.Read more