Faith Sharp

Faith Sharp, age 23 Pronouns: She/Her 5 years in Missouri foster system Faith is from Springfield, Missouri. She is a senior at Missouri State University, pursuing a Political Science degree with a minor in Nonprofit Leadership. Faith enjoys volunteering at her local food bank and is the fundraising chair of... Read more

Jacob Robinson

Jacob Robinson, age 24 Pronouns: He/They Several years in Massachusetts foster system Jacob is from Brookline, Massachusetts. He is a student at the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology. Jacob’s own experience in the criminal justice system has turned him into an advocate to fix the foster care system’s “prison pipeline”... Read more

Eric Morales

Eric Morales, age 20 Pronouns: He/Him 8 years in California foster system Eric is from San Bernardino, California. He is a student at Cal State, San Bernardino, with future plans to pursue a Doctorate in Education. Eric wants to become a high school English teacher, and eventually a school district... Read more

Henry Cordle

Henry Cordle, age 24 Pronouns: He/Him 4 years in Wisconsin foster system Henry is from Madison, Wisconsin. This fall, he will start classes at Madison Area Technical College, studying business and real estate. Henry is passionate about music, art, and design. He entered foster care after his father passed away... Read more

DeQuincy Bergen

DeQuincy Bergen, age 24 Pronouns: He/Him 5 years in Montana and Texas foster systems DeQuincy is from Grand Junction, Colorado. After graduating high school he went on to play football as a defensive back in college. DeQuincy graduated from Butte Community College the spring of 2021, with an Associates Degree... Read more

Theresa W

Theresa Wintersdorf, age 20 Pronouns: She/Her 5 years in Wisconsin foster system Theresa is from Westby, Wisconsin. She is attending University of Wisconsin-Platteville studying Psychology and Criminal Justice, and wants to get her Social Work certificate. Theresa says, “ There were times that I didn’t get the adequate care that... Read more

Abigail W.

Abigail Winter, age 19 Pronouns: They/Them, Zey/Zem 3 years in Oregon foster system Abigail is from Corvallis, Oregon. They are pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Theater, and plans on gaining a Master’s degree in teaching. Abigail’s future career plans are open, but they want to help young people in some... Read more