Toby Gobert

Toby Gobert He/Him 22 Years Old Montana Foster Care System Toby currently lives in a small town in Montana on the Blackfeet Indian reservation. He is interested in law, and would like to pursue a degree in criminal justice, or join the military. Toby’s current goal is to better himself... Read more

Ayanna Collier 

Ayanna Collier She/Her/Hers 18 Years Old Missouri Foster Care System Ayanna was in care for 14 years in Missouri. She is currently working on obtaining her associates degree in business administration with plans on transferring to a four year college to get her bachelor's degree, and then her masters. Ayanna... Read more

Nailah Jones

Nailah Jones She/Her 24 Years Old Oregon Nailah is currently an undergraduate student living in Portland, Oregon. She attends Portland Community College and is planning to pursue her degree in social services. Nailah entered the child welfare system when she was 2 years old, and spent approximately 16 years in... Read more

Kylie Keena

Kylie Keena She/Her/Hers 21 years old Wisconsin Kylie Keena currently attends University of Wisconsin Whitewater, where she is studying business and psychology. After graduating, Kylie intends to start a non-profit organization to help foster parents acquire a greater understanding of fundamental psychology so they can better support youth transitioning into... Read more

Adrienne Torres

Adrienne Torres She/Her 21 Years Old New York Adrienne Torres lives in New York State. She goes to school at SUNY Purchase, where she studies theatre, play writing and literature. She plans to get her masters degree in theatre education one day. Adrienne enjoys listening to alternative music, writing songs,... Read more

Brana Phillips 

Brana Phillips She/Her California Brana Phillips resides in Los Angeles, Ca. She is currently a sophomore at the University of California, Merced majoring in psychology with the hopes of being a juvenile probation officer. Her interest in this degree, sprouted from her personal experience of not receiving reliable and trustworthy... Read more