Arielle Duncan

Arielle Duncan 6 years in Michigan’s foster care system 18 years old She/Her/Hers Arielle Duncan is originally from Battle Creek, but now lives in Detroit, attending Wayne State University, majoring in Public Relations. She has lived in 5 different foster homes and 3 separate guardianship, from the time she was... Read more

Olivia Kilfoyle

3+ years in Utah's foster care system 19 years old She/Her/Hers Olivia entered foster care at the age of 16, and has been in 5 placements including kinship, adoptive, group home, independent living and a foster home. After trying out multiple different placements, she found a loving home with her... Read more

Lester Ortiz

5 years in Montana’s foster care system 18 years old He/Him/His Lester is from Great Falls, Montana. He entered into care at the age of 13 years old, he has had 8 placements mostly foster homes and a kinship/relative placement throughout those years. Lester says the hardest thing he has... Read more

Michelle Ziko

10 years in California’s foster care system 22 years old She/Her/Hers Michelle entered care at the age of five for one year and was then reunified with her mother. While in foster care Michelle experienced 6 different placements, which included a kinship/relative placement with her older sister, a group home,... Read more

Rori Matthews

9+ years in New York's child welfare system 19 years old They/Them/Theirs Rori Matthews is a bigender foster youth who entered foster care at 10 years old. They were placed in a relative-foster home with their paternal grandparents and are expected to remain in care until they are 21 years... Read more