Alaysia Brown

2006 FosterClub All-Star CherRita Jones grew up in California. In foster care at 15 was separated from her five siblings. One month after she turned 18, CherRita was homeless, but with help from her Independent Living Program, determined to better her life. Today, she is a recent graduated of Cosumnes... Read more

Elante Carter

Elante Carter spent 4 years in Georgia's foster care system During his 4 years in the foster care system, Elante experienced multiple placements including foster homes, group homes and residential treatment facilities.He is a hard worker, and will not be considered "another statistic" of the foster care system. He graduated... Read more

Crystal Murphy

Crystal Murphy spent 9 years in Pennsylvania's foster care system Before being adopted at age 10, she experienced over 20 different foster home placements with varying lengths: lasting from a weekend to four years. The longest placement she was at she was removed from the home due to abuse. After... Read more

Merry Ruat

Merry spent 5 years in Washington's foster care system. A refugee from Chin State, Myanmar, Merry Ruat and her brother came to the United States in 2007 after fleeing religious persecution of their dictatorship government. Without family, relatives, or knowing the language, they moved into their foster parent's home. With... Read more

Naomi Beers

Naomi spent 8 years in Oregon's foster care system. Naomi has been in and out of care for 8 years. Currently, she is training for a managerial position at her job. Naomi enjoys connecting with her community; she has volunteered for Relay for Life, Cat Adoption Team, and Helping Hands... Read more

Dianna Portee-Mason

Dianna Portee- Mason spent 8 years in Maryland's foster care system. Dianna has spent a majority of her life in the foster care system. She has transitioned out of care at the end of last year and currently is in her own apartment. Dianna is currently enrolled in college and... Read more

Jamar Holley

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Jamar Holley spent 21 years in New Jersey's foster care system Jamar is a college student studying Human Services. When he graduates, he would like to pursue a career as a social worker, eventually starting his own non-profit organization for homeless youth in New Jersey. Eventually, he would like to... Read more

Lilia Robinson

Lilia Robinson spent 13 years in Tennessee's foster care system. Lilia has been in and out of foster care since she was 5 years old. Currently, she is a sophomore in high school. Last year, Lilia had the opportunity to meet her younger brothers for the first time and see... Read more

Destiny Sweeney

Destiny Sweeney spent 3 years in Tennessee's foster care system. Destiny spent forty-eight hours in care at the age of eight but was permanently placed into the child welfare system at the age of sixteen. School and work are her top priorities, as she is a full-time student and works... Read more

Brandon Hurt

Brandon entered foster care as a teenager for 3 years. He experienced both foster homes and residential facilities during his time in care. Brandon has faced many obstacles but has always been determined to beat them and reach his full potential. He is currently enrolled in the Independent Living Program... Read more