Angela Quijada

Angela Quijada headshot
Years in care: 4 Angela is currently a Junior at North Carolina Central University majoring in social work. Her home state is the golden state of California. She is a focused, determined, and resilient. While being in the substitute care system, she experienced and witnessed a plethora of injustice. Angela... Read more

Crystal Yanez

Crystal Yanez headshot
Years in care: 4 Crystal Yanez is from Los Angeles, California. Crystal's parents emigrated from Mexico to California for better opportunities. She overcame losing her parents due to gun violence, trauma and poverty. She went to care at 4 and was placed in kinship with her sister at 7 until... Read more

Cynthia Alaffa

Cynthia Alaffa headshot
Years in care: 7 Growing up, Cynthia spent time in three different homes that she can remember. From ages 1-6, she wasraised in the care of her godmother. When she was about six and a half, she was sent to stay with one of her relatives for about six months... Read more

Danno Mannino

Danno Mannino headshot
Years in care: 6 Danno is a social justice advocate from Southern Oregon. Danno's experience in care started when Danno was placed with a foster family at the age of eight. At ten, Danno was reunited with a birth parent. Danno reached out to the former foster family when that... Read more

Eric Warner

Eric Warner headshot
Years in care: 15 Eric Warner was in the Arkansas foster care system for 11 years as he would choose to transition out, or "age out." He then moved to Arizona and has spent the last 6 years working with the Arizona foster care system and is currently working on... Read more

Evelin S. Ramirez

Evelin S. Ramirez headshot
Years in care: 18 Evelin is currently a student in high school, going into her senior year; in addition to a high school diploma, she will also have a semester of college under her belt. Evelin is the president of her high school's Gay Straight Alliance Club and has a... Read more

Jessica Determan

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Years in care: 4 At the age of 14, Jessica was placed into foster care, going through several traditional foster homes and one kinship placement, she finally found her family at the age of 17. With the support of her family, she started out college at Minnesota West Community and... Read more

Jevin D'Angelo Bradshaw

Jevin D'Angelo Bradshaw headshot
Years in care: 6 years When Jevin first entered foster care he was 11 years old and was a fresh face to Michigan. He was first put into a group home thinking to himself, "Where is my life headed?" Well after moving from two different foster homes, that idea became... Read more

Jordan Cowley

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Years in care: 4 Jordan was placed in care at the age of twelve. While in care, Jordan spent her time in nine different foster homes, over a time period of four and a half years. She was adopted at age sixteen. During her time in care she served on... Read more

Kaseem Johnson

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Years in care: 15 Kaseem is a senior in college at Alfred State College where he is studying Business Administration. Currently, he is living in the state of New York where Kaseem plans on finishing his college career. Kaseem is very outgoing and loves to play sports including basketball, baseball,... Read more