Tabitha Burns

Tabitha spent 3 years in Arkansas’s foster care system. Tabitha is known to be a delightful and positive role model for others. She is attending University of Arkansas Monticello to get her Master’s degree in Social Work. Currently, Tabitha is apart of a Youth Advisory Board and her participation has... Read more

Rachel Ramsey

Rachel spent 4 years in the washington’s foster care system. Rachel attended Seattle Pacific University, previously wanted to obtain a degree in Communication with an emphasis in Journalism, but is currently taking a year off to determine her course of study. Persevering through all the hard times she was the... Read more

Javon Turner

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Javon Turner spent 15 years in the Minnesota’s foster care system Javon is attending Normandale Community College and hopes to transfer to the Dunwoody College to achieve a degree in marketing and psychology. He volunteered as a youth leader at Waite Park Wesleyan Church for a year. In addition he... Read more

Christian Salazaar

Christian Salazaar spent 7 years in Tennessee's foster care system Christian is a driven senior in high school. He has been awarded multiple scholarships to attend the univeristy of his choice. His goal is to be in the Marine Corps to become a Career Officer. His participation is well noted... Read more

Kayla May

Kayla spent 5 years in North Dakota’s foster care system. Kayla is wrapping up her fourth year at Minnesota State University Moorhead. Previously she was an intern for a non-profit organization, where she formalized the organization's volunteer program for individuals with developmental disabilities. The organization then hired her on as... Read more

Kevin Jones

Years in care: 4 years in the Oregon’s foster care system Kevin attends Oregon State University. He has high goals of graduating with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science and plans on continuing on to Digipen for their Master's Program in Video Game Design. He is an RA at... Read more

Rosetta Judd

Rosetta spent 19 years in Nebraska's foster care system. Rosetta is a current college student at Mid-Plains Community college and planning to continue higher education at a University, majoring in the science of arts and human services with an emphasis on childhood immigration. This open minded individual uses their experience... Read more

Jaquan Harris

Jaquan Harris spent 12 years in the Connecticut’s foster care system Jaquan attends Curry College and plans to graduate with bachelors degree in Fine Arts, specifically, Communications with a concentration in Theater and Film Studies. His goal is to become a successful actor. He has been in foster care since... Read more

Hayley Jean Carter

Hayley Jean Carter spent 10 years in the Idaho’s foster care system. Hayley is currently attending Greenville Technical College. She wants to become a certified licensed social worker/counselor to open her own practice for children who have experienced abuse like she endured. She volunteers for a self help group for... Read more