Amairani Morales

Amairani Morales spent 5 years in Oregon's foster care system Amairani entered the Oregon Foster Care system at the age 14 due to an unsafe living environment. After entering care, Amairani moved multiple times in different foster homes. After three years, she found a place she could call home. During... Read more

Victoria Myers

Victoria spent 2.5 years in Minnesota's foster care system. Victoria entered the foster care system at the age of 15, in the middle of her sophomore year of high school. She lived in a relative/kinship placement home for a year before she was sent away. She found a permanent foster... Read more

Sabrina Petrie

Sabrina spent 5 years in New York's foster care system. At age sixteen, Sabrina dealt with difficult circumstances that succumbed to kinship and foster care for five years in upstate New York. After kinship care that lasted six months, she entered 3 placements in 3 towns. Sabrina was able to... Read more

Kenzi Zechmann-Kitchin

Kenzi spent 2.5 years in Idaho's foster care system. Kenzi entered Idaho’s foster care system right before she turned 16 years old due to unfortunate circumstances With no legal guardian available for Kenzi and her five siblings, they were placed into the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Foster Care... Read more

Joseph Johnson

Joseph Johnson spent 3 years in Montana's foster care system. Joseph lived 4 years with his mother, father and his little brother. A rift between his parents caused Joseph and his younger brother to move to Forsyth, MT with his grandfather. Shortly after settling in, Joseph and his brother moved... Read more

Ellena Jones

Ellena Jones spent 7 years in Washington's foster care system At the age of 6, Ellena was placed in the foster care system. She spent 7 years in the system moving between 3 different foster home placements. She was lucky enough to have an open adoption at the age of... Read more

David Samuel Hall

David spent 2.5 years in Oklahoma's foster care system. David’s first time in care was during his third grade year, attending Mustang Public Schools. He bounced around inpatient facilities due to lack of foster homes and fear of liability for his yet-to-be-trained kinship home. After being detained nearly twenty times,... Read more

Cody Rivera

Cody spent 12 years in New York City's foster care system Observe, Understand, and Adapt. That is how 21-year- old Cody Rivera explains his twelve years in the New York State Foster Care System. Observing, understanding, and adapting: to different people and their cultural backgrounds, and their different styles of... Read more

Christina Andino

At the age of thirteen, Christina entered the Utah state foster care system with her older sister and spent a total of 5 years in care. They were placed into three different homes before aging out. Early on, she balanced her responsibilities with her job, school and being Head Cheerleader... Read more

Brittney Barros

Brittney spent 4 years in Michigan's foster care system. Brittney Barros, after living with neglect, entered her first time in care at the age of 11. After struggling for a long time, her mom finally regained custody of Brittney and her siblings. Watching her mom beat drug addiction and getting... Read more