Sophia Winn

Sophia Winn spent 5 years in Idaho's foster care system. Miss Winn has spent 5 years in the Idaho foster system and currently aims to graduate on high school honor roll and go on to college to sing or become a choir teacher or developmentally challenged preschool teacher. She is... Read more

Asia'Rae Wells

Asia is enrolled in high school and living in foster care. Her gpa is a 4.0 and has been awarded a full scholarship to Ohio State University to study engineering. Her goal is to become a biomedical engineer. Asia was removed from her mother and siblings 2 ½ years ago... Read more

Brandon Rutledge

Spent 4 years in Tennessee's foster care system After 4 years in Tennessee’s foster system, Brandon began attending Union University as a social work major in the hopes to soon earn his Master’s in social work. He volunteers for Social Work Reaches Out as his class representative. On campus, Brandon... Read more

Stephanie Otis

Stephanie Otis spent 4 years in Michigan's foster care system. While it would be easy to grow bitter after a lifetime of disappointments and rejections, Stephanie remains remarkable for her ability to turn hardship into compassion for others. After many years in the foster care system, several unsuccessful placements, and... Read more

Olga Mwenentanda

Olga Mwenentanda spent time in Nebraska's foster care system. Olga, a young lady from Nebraska, spent about 4 years in foster care. She was sent away to Africa but with the help of the American Embassy there, was able to return to the United States. She enjoys basketball and working... Read more

Levi Massengale

Levi Massengale spent 11 years in Oklahoma's foster care system. Levi was in foster care for 11 years before he was adopted at the age of 17. This has profoundly motivated him to educate foster parents on the importance of older youth finding a family who will adopt. He plans... Read more

Printice Latson

Printince Latson spent 10 years in New York's foster care system. Printice Latson is currently a 20 year old college student who attends Buffalo State College and is majoring in Sociology. He also has been a foster child in the Erie County foster care program for the past 12 years... Read more

Warren Krieg

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Warren Krieg spent 3 years in Iowa's foster care system. Warren entered foster care at 15 and entered a residential treatment center (RTC) through the juvenile justice system. Despite what are often insurmountable odds for success in the juvenile justice system Warren used his positive attitude and desire to mentor... Read more

Jasmine Johnson

Jasmine has spent 5 years in Tennessee’s foster system. She leads by example and has the remarkable capability to lead her peers through positive self-reflections to help solve conflict in a mature manner. Miss Johnson’s natural ability to take charge makes her a great Corporal in ROTC at her school... Read more

Aaron Ford

Aaron Ford spent 6 years in New Jersey's foster care system. Aaron has become the young man he is today by persevering. Like many men of color, his childhood was filled with obstacles. Aaron experienced multiple placements including relative, homeless shelters, group homes, and transitional living programs during his six... Read more