Laticia Aossey

Laticia spent 19 years in Iowa's foster care system. Laticia has dedicated her life to overcoming the statistics and stereotypes placed on foster kids. She was born to two teenage parents who struggled with abuse and addiction, which landed her in the system at an early age. She had to... Read more

Natasha Ealy

Natasha entered care at age 12 and was placed into kinship care. Two years later, she was removed and put into a group home while awaiting reunification. Once reunified, Natasha and her parents reestablished a relationship; however shortly after, Natasha was taken away from her parents again. Once Natasha reached... Read more

Maryana Stern

Maryana spent 3 years in Pennsylvania's foster care system. While Maryana was in care she struggled with reunification and currently advocates for creating healthy relationships and maintaining appropriate boundaries between families. She is a sophomore at Duquesne University and is getting a dual-degree in history and 7-12 social studies education... Read more

Keisha Cohen

Keisha spent 18 years in Pennsylvania Keisha entered the foster care at birth and has spent her entire life in the foster care system. She has excelled in school and found an array of personal hobbies such as poetry, pointillism, and thrilling adventures outdoors. Keisha is passionate about changing the... Read more