Matthew Madlock

Matthew Madlock spent 7 years in Tennessee's foster care system. Matthew entered the foster care system at birth when he was left on the streets of San Diego, California. He was eventually adopted into a family that moved several times and settled down in Tennessee, where he currently resides and... Read more

Sarah Redmon

Sarah Redmon spent 5 years in Alaska's foster care system. Sarah was taken into care, for the first time, the week before she started fifth grade with her 11 siblings ,“I thought life was going great and my family was fine,” she says of the shock. They were all reunited... Read more

Lacy Larsen

Lacy Larsen spent 3 years in Missouri's foster care system. Lacy Larsen’s determination to succeed and lead is apparent in everything she does. She served as president of the student chapter of the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, as well as president of the Future Farmers of America... Read more

Nanglar "Noy" Worachit

Nanglar "Noy" Worachit spent 6 years in Hawaii's foster care system. Noy Worachit is 20 years old from Hawaii. She serves as the vice-president of the HI H.O.P.E.S. Youth Leadership Board on Oahu, which is a part of the Hawaii Youth Opportunities Initiative. The Initiative is a partner site of... Read more

Michael Williamson

Michael Williamson spent 11 years in California's foster care system. Michael Graduated with a teaching credential in May 2013 and obtained an elementary teaching position in August 2013. He currently works at Clovis Unified School District and his career goal is to become a principal and eventually hold a district... Read more

Whitney Washington

Whitney Washington spent 7 years in Arizona's foster care system. Twelve placements in four years including homes and shelters would be enough to shake anyone’s sense of grounding. For Whitney Washington, those years are behind her as she found solid ground with a family who managed to see Whitney off... Read more

Marion Aaron

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Marion Aaron spent 18 years in Missouri's foster care system. Marian Aaron graduated from high school this past spring but is currently unable to attend college for medical reasons despite the fact that she is eager to start. Marian recently had to have her leg amputated; throughout her recovery process,... Read more

Victor Sims

Victor Sims spent 11 years in Florida's foster care system. Seventeen-year-old Victor Sims is a committed student and younger leader, already demonstrating a commitment to his community and country. Victor has excelled in his education, receiving multiple awards and recognition, including a spot on the National Honor Society. Victor was... Read more

Taneya Sickmon

Taneya Sickmon spent 4 years in Colorado's foster care system. Taneya entered the foster care system at age twelve due to her mother’s abusiveness and drug addiction. She was placed with her aunt and uncle with her younger sister. She’s lived with them ever since, and Taneya and her sister... Read more

Michelle Kobus

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Michelle Kobus spent 11 years in Virginia's foster care system. Some kids just seem driven—to be contribute, to excel, to lead. For a lot of those kids, life has been full of approval and support—but not for Michelle. She is a contributor and a leader, that’s for certain: In high... Read more