Erica Townson

Erica Townson spent 7 years in Colorado's foster care system. Erica was separated from my younger siblings at a young age, but was blessed with the opportunity to reunite with them. Currently she is attending the Community College of Denver to pursue her dreams of becoming an influential actress. A... Read more

Samson Jones

Sam entered care at age 10. He experienced roughly 15 placements; 11 foster homes and 4 residential facilities. After experiencing 10 years in Oregon's foster care system having minimal contact with his bio family, is currently re-establishing his relations with his parents and siblings. Sam is pursuing a two-year transfer... Read more

Shawna Conklin

Shawna Conklin spent 3 years in Missouri’s foster care system. Shawna was removed from her mother in 2008 for truency and placed with her uncle. She has spent three years in Missouri foster care system in the city of Joplin. Shawna has been in 7 different placements, and for Shawna,... Read more

Paulette Anne Castro

Paulette Anne Castro spent 14 years in California's foster care system. Paulette was removed from her mothers care at the age of 5 years old and remained in California's foster care system for the next 14 years of her life. She has experienced 11 different movements in over 9 different... Read more

Kate Lynn Morrison

Kate Lynn Morrison spent 5 years in Montana's foster care system. Kate Lynn's mom was a single parent who struggled financially. When an abusive boyfriend was introduced into the family, Kate Lynn's mom had to choose between her children and her boyfriend. Her mom gave up parental rights and Kate... Read more

Tracye Redd

Tracye Redd spent 6 years in Iowa’s foster care system. Tracye entered the Iowa foster care system at the age of 12. He's made his way through 8 different placements, including foster homes, shelters and even residential facilities. He graduated from high school a year early at the age of... Read more

Jaleesa Suell

Jaleesa Suell spent 10 years in California’s foster care system. Jaleesa was removed from her biological mother and separated from her 4 siblings when she was eight years old. After living in six foster homes, she emancipated at age eighteen after graduating from high school. Jaleesa is involved with Foster... Read more

Crystal O’Grady

Crys O’Grady, JD, is the research manager at NICWA. Crys earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology with an emphasis on poverty and inequality from Stanford University, and her juris doctor from the University of Washington School of Law. While at Stanford, Crys conducted quantitative research on the demographics of youth... Read more

Andy Wagner

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Andy spent 6 years in California’s foster care system, entering at age 11. He is a college student, surfer, techie… and a foster kid. He experienced 24 placements 2 foster homes, 16 group homes and 6 runs at the children’s home. He is proud to have connections with all of... Read more

Michele Zeman

Michele Zeman spent 4 years in Michigan's foster care system. Michele entered Michigan's foster care system at age 14. She was placed with her grandma along with her sister. Her sister and her are really close and she considers her her best friend. Michele's excellence in the classroom led to... Read more