Tiesha Davis

Tiesha Davis headshot
Age 19, 14 years in Colorado’s foster care system. While in care, Tiesha moved between 20 treatment centers, detention centers, and foster homes. After 2 failed adoptions, the third time was a charm. Her 3rd adoption was finalized on August 31, 2009 at age 18. Tiesha graduated from high school... Read more

Richard Demarko Brown

Richard Demarko Brown headshot
Age 23, 6 years in Nevada’s foster care system. Richard is an aged out youth from Southern Nevada. He entered the foster care system at the age of 12 years old and experienced eight different placements in his six years in care. Richard was very involved in his own case... Read more

Shaden Jedlicka

Shaden Jedlicka headshot
Age 19, 9 years in Arkansas’s foster care system. Shaden has been in and out of care since age 10, being placed in 4 shelters and 3 foster homes. Shaden’s quest for permanence ended in 2008 when he met his permanent family. He is currently attending the University of Arkansas... Read more

Kayla VanDyke

Kayla VanDyke headshot
Age 18, 9 years in Minnesota’s foster care system. Kayla entered into foster care when she was four years old. She went back to live with her birth family three years later before reentering care at age thirteen. Kayla has lived in seven different foster homes and attended ten different... Read more

Jeremie Brown

Jeremie Brown headshot
Age 20, 14 years in Ohio’s foster care system. Jeremie and his 2 siblings entered the foster care system when he was 5. After being placed with an abusive family member, he was placed in several temporary homes, attending 6 middle schools and 6 high schools in 3 different states... Read more

Janessa Senter

Janessa Senter headshot
Age 21, 2 years in Iowa’s foster care system. Janessa entered the Iowa foster care system at the age of 14 years old. Her placements included youth shelters, group homes, and several foster homes over a short period of time. Janessa is very proud foster care alum and is now... Read more

Faith Slater

Faith Slater headshot
A ge 20, 18 years in South Carolina’s foster care system. Faith is currently in the process of transitioning out of foster care. Throughout her life she has had 9 placements but through it all has been able to maintain a strong relationship with her younger sister and family. Currently... Read more

Darrlyn Moorer

Darrlyn Moorer headshot
A ge 22, 10 years in New York’s foster care system. Darrlyn entered foster care at age 4 before moving back in with her Mom at age 11. After 6 years living with her Mon, she returned to care at age 16. Darrlyn aged out of care while attending college... Read more

Cherie Olivis

Cherie Olivis headshot
Cherie spent 13 years in foster care Brief Biography: Cherie Olivis is currently a student at Slippery Rock University studying Health Service Administration with a minor in Non-Profit Management/Leadership. she was placed in foster care because her mother had an addiction to drugs. Cherie's years in foster care consisted of... Read more

Isha Charlie McNeely

Isha Charlie McNeely headshot
Charlie spent 15 years in Oregon's foster care system. Brief Biography: Charlie was in foster care from ages 3-18 and experienced over five foster homes, numerous of group homes, residential facilities, treatment centers and two shelters. In her sophomore year of high school, Charlie was placed with two ladies that... Read more