Sade Bradford

Sade Bradford headshot
In foster care 7 years, Michigan. Sade and her siblings were removed from her mother’s care when Sade was only a oneyear old, as her mother was unable to properly care for her and her siblings. She had a kinship placement with her aunt until her aunt relinquished guardianship rights... Read more

Brandon Ford

Brandon Ford headshot
In foster care 10 years, Missouri. Brandon is currently in the process of transitioning from the foster care system. He has been in numerous foster homes and experienced many tragedies during his eighteen years on earth. Brandon has 4 siblings he is currently separated from, though he is fortunate to... Read more

Naomi Porter

Naomi Porter headshot
Naomi Porter spent foster care 10 years in New York's foster care system. Naomi Porter spent over 10 years in the New York State foster care system. Her experiences in 5 placements have motivated her to work as an asset to youth and families. Naomi is currently a junior at... Read more

Nikki Grey

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Nikki Grey spent 6 years in Nevada's foster care system. Brief Biography: Nikki Grey is a member and advocate with Foster Care Alumni of America and a former FosterClub All-Star. She interned on Capitol Hill for her congressman, and she is a past president of WAYCUP, the Washoe County youth... Read more

Wendy Spronk

Wendy Spronk headshot
Wendy Spronk spent 4.5 years in Colorado's foster care system. Beautiful Colorado is home to Wendy, who entered foster care at 14 and emancipated at 18. She calls the second foster home she was placed in home. Wendy has struggled with telling people her story. She loves to snowboard, play... Read more