Joscelynn Carbonell

Joscelynn Carbonell headshot
Joscelynn Carbonell, better known as JoJo, is a 22 year old California native. After becoming a ward of the court at the age eight because of her mother’s inability to care for her, she spent 10 years in care. Currently she plans to graduate from a community college with an... Read more

Juan Jones

Juan Jones headshot
Juan Jones, 19, Missouri, entered the foster care system at the age of nine. In the nine years that he was in care, Juan developed a very strong passion for ministry and is very active in the church. He is also interested in football, journalism, and drama/theatre. Currently, Juan is... Read more

Sherena Johnson

Sherena Johnson headshot
Sherena Johnson, 23, Georgia entered the system through kinship care at the age of 10. She has an Associates degree in social work from Gordon College and is now a senior at Clayton College majoring in Psychology and Human Services. Currently, she is interning at the Georgia Department of Family... Read more

Veronica Davidson

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Veronica Davidson, age 20, is currently a student at Oregon State University. Due to Oregon’s late release from school, Veronica is joining the All-Star a bit later than her fellow interns, so please check for Veronica’s photo and bio.Read more

Joshua David Sanchez

Josh Sanchez headshot
Joshua David Sanchez, an 18 year old from Hawai'i is a recent James Campbell High School graduate. Josh and his two brothers were sent from California to Hawai’i to live with their father, but were placed in foster care after he was no longer able to care for them. This... Read more

Mercedes Wooten

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Mercedes Wooten, 21, Indiana, spent 5 years in foster care in many different placements. She is the youngest of five siblings. She previously interned at the Wilkie Farr & Gallagher (LLP) Law firm. Currently, she attends college in Indiana and majors in Political Science with hopes to become a lawyer... Read more

Crystal Lipek

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Crystal Lipek, 19, Wisconsin, is an avid reader, writer, and music fan. She was in foster care from ages 2-7 and again from ages 14 until 16 when she was adopted. She currently attends college and is studying to be a teacher. Besides her work with FosterClub, she is an... Read more

Andrew Crandall

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He entered foster care at the age of 11 with his two older siblings. Andrew is a recent graduate from high school. Though he has lived with the same family for five years, he has still experienced four placements in his seven years in care. Since the sixth grade, he... Read more

Deborah Hassan

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Deborah entered foster care at the age of three. She bounced from home to home until she was placed in guardianship care at 14. She was in this placement for four years, but was entered the system once more the summer before her senior year. Now, she attends Montana State... Read more

Jen Hope

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2007 FosterClub All-Star Jen Hope, was born and raised in Michigan. She entered the foster care system at 13. Five years and four different placements later Jen moved into her own apartment. Jen did experience neglect and abuse in her life, but she has decided to turn this into a... Read more