JJ Hitch

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JJ Hitch spent 4 years in Michigan's foster care system. Brief Biography: JJ Hitch is a college student studying Communication and is hoping he can talk his way into a job after he graduates. He has been involved in a number of conferences and internships helping to raise awareness, empower... Read more

Zach Sandner

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2006 FosterClub All-Star Zach Sandner, from Missouri, entered foster care at the age of 16 and lived in four different placements. Now on his own, he and enjoys hiking, hunting, and other outdoor activities. He is the president of his Area Youth Advisory Board and sits on the Missouri State... Read more

Alisha Jackson

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Alisha Jackson, 2006 FosterClub All-Star, entered Oklahoma's foster care system at the age of 14, along with two brothers. Placed in kinship care with their grandparents, Alisha later moved and experienced seven placements in 4 years. During this time, she struggled with family acceptance and feelings that she did not... Read more