Bregetta Wilson

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Bregetta Wilson is a single mom from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, entered care at age 14. While moving many times often made her life very emotional, she feels that her time in care has made her a stronger person, student and mom. She hopes to be a role model for foster youth... Read more

Shawn Semelsberger

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Shawn entered care at the age of 14 and aged out in the middle of her High School year. For all technicalities she was homeless for a short period of time. During her this period the only time she ate was at school because she qualified for free lunch. Due... Read more

Wendy Schiller

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2005 FosterClub All-Star Wendy Schiller grew up in Colorado. She has lived in seven different foster homes in six and a half years. Wendy plans to attend CSU-Pueblo, and is currently undecided about a major but hopes to have a future in teaching. For now, Wendy is excited to be... Read more

Lupe Ortiz-Tovar

Lupe spent virtually her entire life -- 20 years -- in Arizona's foster care system, waiting for a permanent, loving family. During this time, she moved more than 11 times, enrolled in eleven different schools, and lived with more than 35 foster brothers and sisters. "I moved around so much... Read more

Dan Knapp

Dan has shared his personal foster care experience with members of Congress, with thousands of young people across the nation, and to raise public awareness through TIME magazine. He served as an intern, and subsequently as staff, with FosterClub, the national network for young people in foster care. He holds... Read more

Tyler Bacon

Tyler Bacon is a national public speaker/advocate for foster youth. He has spoken in front of the Congressional Ways and Means subcommittee on Income Security and Family Support and spoken with several different legislators in an effort to change the foster care system. He currently works with Educate Tomorrow in... Read more

Eprise Armstrong

Eprise Armstrong entered system in Indiana with four other siblings at the age of five. She spent her time in a number of group & foster homes; accruing her fair share of families, schools, even one additional biological brother. Eprise transitioned/graduated high school at 17 and began college. Four years... Read more