Join us in saying #ThanksFosterFamilies during National Foster Care Month! We would like to share your stories and appreciation for the foster families that have supported you on your journey through foster care.



Submissions may be featured on FosterClub's website, social media, and/or publications as well as the CHAMPS (Children Need Amazing Parents) website and social media. We will only share first name, age, state, and non-identifying portions of biographical information submitted with the entry. Parents or workers with questions about how FosterClub protects youth identity and/or contest rules, please contact us at [email protected] or call 503-717-1552

Any young person who has experienced foster care, including kinship (living with relatives), is eligible to submit. Entries can be in form of short stories, poems, original artwork, or any other method of creative expression that convey their experiences and feelings related to the topic. Be sure to review Strategic Sharing before sharing your story. 

Submit your story by using the form below, select the type of entry and our system will provide instructions on how to upload files. Have questions or need help submitting? Contact us at [email protected] or call 503-717-1552.

You are welcome to share more than once - please submit a new form for EACH piece of work that you would like to share. 

You can E-MAIL your entry to: [email protected]


MAIL your entry to:
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