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  1. I was wrong about group homes

    ... and angry. So I hung up on him. I tried other family members, but none of them had any insight. Then, when everything failed, I ...

    Blog - 2018-04-17 - 18:16 - 4 comments

  2. Saved by the System

    ... I left. I didn't know where to go. I didn't have any family members to go to. Then I remembered my peaceful time in the diagnostic center, ...

    Blog - 2018-04-17 - 18:16 - 3 comments

  3. Team FosterClub's Newest Member, Ashlee Morse

    ... is restructuring existing staff roles and adding new members to the team. Ashley Foster is "migrating" to the position of ...

    Blog - 2018-04-11 - 09:45 - 0 comments

  4. We R Native

    ... and nation at large. Values: "We are Native. We are members of diverse and vibrant communities. Learn more about your culture, ... found on YouTube and contains helpful information for family members of native youth who enter foster care at: https://youtu.be/tPvaiq_b0jU ...

    Resource - 2018-03-26 - 13:50

  5. Barry Bartlett

    ... on, he bounced around from living with one of his family members, then another without ever knowing what was next, never having stable ... grade, Barry experienced another abandonment when family members who were supposed to be there for him released him to the foster care ...

    Biography - 2017-09-26 - 17:42

  6. Robert Parsons

    ... program and advocated on behalf of other foster youth to members of Congress and the House of Representatives. Robert hopes to one day ...

    Biography - 2017-09-26 - 23:21

  7. Vincent Espino

    ... Youth Advisory Board and offers mentorship to the younger members in the program, as well as addressing issues that are currently affect ...

    Biography - 2017-09-26 - 23:18

  8. Victoria Nasanga

    ... but also across the country. She has spoken with members of both her biological and adoptive family on panels and even attended ...

    Biography - 2017-09-26 - 23:18

  9. Maggie Boone

    ... Through placement changes and lost connections with family members, Maggie became more determined than ever to fulfill the needs of youth ...

    Biography - 2017-09-26 - 22:59

  10. Hasani Callwood

    ... character and also improve his relationship with my family members. A natural leader, he is an active member of four groups at the ...

    Biography - 2017-09-26 - 22:55